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  1. This website is a personal portfolio website that displays a preview of the logo for sale, where the logo is sold on the two sites and, the terms and policies regarding following where you buy it from both sites.
  2. All Logos sold here are Premade / Ready Made / Pre Design Logos and which means they are ready to use in vector (eps / ai) and bitmap (jpg / png) formats and others, as well as Exclusive which means they will only be sold once forever also you have the exclusive right to use it freely whenever and wherever, NOT a logo template that is sold many times and its use is limited.
  3. All content especially images on this website are original created and uploaded by Didi Winata on this website as well as other websites that have the same object including the two main sites and, make sure to look at the Didi Winata brand logo and the "didiwinata" username.
  4. The content that appears on this website and on search engines is only in the form of image previews (jpg / webp / png), in which the main files sold are vectors (eps / ai) which you are prohibited from changing, modifying, re-uploading and selling without Didi's Winata knowledge until you buy it.
  5. If the logo is sold, the preview of the image will still appear on this website as portfolio and other websites where logo uploaded. If you want it hidden or removed, especially on the website, please contact me.

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